Chatting with people in person is dead. Long live dating apps


a lot of people have postulated that ending the lockdown will keep us away from dating apps. Hungry for touch, we would reject virtual encounters and bounce closer together than ever before. But several months later, no one seems to meet in person anymore. A few years ago, we were referring to a couple who met on a dating app as proof that we could trust this suspicious, state-of-the-art Tinder tech – now we’re mentioning the only couple we know who don’t. did not.

It’s a shame, because no one I know likes dating apps. We delete them and, a month later, fearing eternal celibacy, re-download them. A photo of someone we’d like in real life is rarely something we slide our thumbs over from side to side. person. ”In real life, something grabs us – a glow behind the eyes that only we can see. On apps, we’re reduced to 2D, superficial instincts about education level and size.

Apps work because they’re a numbers game. But no one mentions the fact that this is an extra-curricular commitment, like being a school principal. Each date involves playing 90 minutes of time you could spend with friends – getting ready, navigating Citymapper – another 90 until he’s had his second drink and it’s polite to leave. I once tried video calls as a filter before going on an actual date, but it made me feel like this was the first round of a job application: so I didn’t will not progress further ”.

The fundamental problem is that the critical mass of people on dating apps has made picking someone up in person – and more than ever after MeToo – unnatural. I’m not trying to blame men who don’t like me on a global toll of sexual harassment, but some guys are definitely nervous about being too forward thinking.

It should be a happy feminist side effect of all of this that women make up for by hitting men – but my instinct is to avoid the feeling of nausea and puffiness you get when a guy you ask to hang out. says he has a girlfriend. Recently, however, I reconsidered: It’s sexist to consider being repelled as embarrassing when male friends tell me that they regard rejection as a statistical certainty (and that there is nothing more appealing than a woman taking the first step).

It would help if dating apps were discontinued like WhatsApp and Facebook this month, but for a year so we would be forced to standardize in-person meetings. But in the meantime, I’ll tell every woman I know to go ahead – and chat with this guy.

In other news …

We should urge caution about the likelihood of injection doping

Everyone panics, of course, over reports of women being pricked by needles in clubs. There is something quivering about the literal tip – a sting out of nowhere in your arm; you don’t come back until the next day. But doping is already commonplace; through the less lively drink form, it has already doubled between 2015 and 2018. Otherwise, why should women grab our glasses while we dance in the evening, dripping coke vodka over our dresses? In light of medical experts urging caution about the likelihood of injection doping, it might be best not to be distracted by the safety of our drinks.

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