COVID changes prompt dating apps to adapt


The Bumble dating app is releasing its quarterly results today. Now that many pandemic restrictions have been lifted this summer, will people stick to online habits learned during blockades for meeting dates? Online dating apps are adapting as the pandemic evolves.

Do you want a first video meeting? Or are you okay with meeting in real life? Are masks essential? Or not so much?

These are the kinds of questions that dating apps ask users to try to gauge their preferences.

Arizona State University communications professor Liesel Sharabi said there are badges people can display if they have been vaccinated.

“Some people don’t agree to meet someone in person if they don’t know their immunization status,” Sharabi said.

Mobile data tracking company Apptopia said new users of the Top 50 Dating Apps are stable year over year, but people who downloaded the apps stay longer and slide more.

Forrester researcher Mike Proulx said it likely had to do with the COVID-19 delta variant.

“It’s just going to keep people inside. And when they’re indoors, we see that their screen time keeps increasing, ”he said, adding that dating apps are responding by creating gaming features and other content designed for. keep people in the app even longer.

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