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ST. CLOUD, Fla .– Action 9 is investigating a contractor who at least 15 consumers say failed to install a fence after receiving thousands of dollars in upfront deposits.

A Kissimmee couple posted bail six months ago, but say the contractor has stopped answering their calls.

Frank and Sandee Goldenberg wanted a fence so their dog could run around freely in the backyard.

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Survey posts mark the location of the fence. Six months after signing a $ 6,000 contract with Osceola Fence Supply, the couple grow increasingly frustrated.

“Where’s the fence?” Asked Todd Ulrich.

“I have no idea what they are doing,” Frank Goldenberg said.

The Goldenbergs paid a $ 2,900 cash deposit last August for a four-foot-tall white vinyl fence. They were expecting the installation in a few weeks.

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Osceola Fence got HOA approval and a county building permit, but in October the Goldenbergs said they couldn’t get clear answers from the company.

“They said you’re not even scheduled to be on the schedule,” Frank Goldenberg said.

“Not scheduled to be scheduled?” Ulrich asked.

“Okay,” said Frank Goldenberg.

Six months later, the couple told the company they wanted their money back because they had not been given an installation date.

“There was no communication from them,” said Sandee Goldenberg.

The Goldenbergs contacted Action 9. Ulrich discovered that the company was ranked F by the Better Business Bureau and had received at least 16 complaints in the past year. Most customers claim to have lost thousands of dollars on fencing not installed.

In the past five months alone, 11 clients told BBB they feared losing a total of $ 24,000 in deposits.

According to state records, Osceola Fence Supply’s main office is in St. Cloud. Action 9 found out that the company had left that location, but the company’s president, Anthony Paradiso, was there to pick up the mail.

“You took their money. How can you keep it? ” Ulrich asked.

“We build every contract that we do brother. We are settling in as we speak, ”replied Paradiso.

“Frank Goldenberg, when are you building his fence?” Ulrich asked.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about right now,” Paradiso replied.

Later that day, Paradiso said his company had a new office near St. Cloud. He said it had been a very difficult year, fencing materials had been delayed by several months, and COVID-19 had left him with far fewer employees. Paradiso said all fences will be installed, including those at Goldenberg, by March.

“If they just contacted us,” Sandee Goldenberg said.

Consumers can avoid a lot of deposit disputes if they use a credit card. It can help them get their money back. Avoid contractors who only require cash.

Paradiso contacted Action 9 and told Ulrich that the Goldenbergs would have their fence installed this week and it was all a misunderstanding.

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