Kaia Gerber opens up about her hectic love life


Model Kaia Gerber has spoken candidly about her modeling career, which she started at 13, and her love life.

Modeling daughter Cindy Crawford, 19, told Vogue that she doesn’t have the usual teenage experience of being in high school and developing “emotional maturity” by dating boys her age.

Kaia Gerber was dating older people as she ended up with them while modeling at an early age. “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson is one of them she started dating when she was just 18 in fall 2019 and he was 26.

“I was doing fashion month, but I was so young that I had only kissed one person. I never had a sweetheart in high school or anything. And so I tended to date older people because those were the people I was with, ”she said.

“And I found myself in situations where one day I would wake up and be like, how did I get here? ‘ I have no idea what I’m doing and need help. And being able to ask for that help was amazing. That’s what growing up really means, not being afraid to ask.

Gerber and Davidson decided to quit in early 2020 after admitting to going into rehab. Kaia Gerber was helped by her powerful relative, Cindy Crawford and tequila mogul Rande Gerber who “tried to step in and offer what they could. It was heartbreaking for Kaia and for them to watch their daughter face something so serious.

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