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The purpose of this letter is to request that additional COVID-19 vaccines be sent by the federal government to Canada and Mexico for use by their populations.

With the pandemic having disrupted life in general for the past two years around the world, it remains important for the United States to provide support to others globally. Helping other nations protect the health and well-being of those who live there should be a priority. By helping other governments with their vaccination efforts, America would help create a safer world that further combats the danger posed by the pandemic.

A first reaction to the idea of ​​sharing our vaccine supply would be, according to some, a reaction of outrage. But I think this attitude, while understandable to some extent, is unnecessary. If the vaccine supply here is low, you would prioritize the population here and not export large quantities of vaccine. The reality is that over the past year some vaccine stocks in the United States have nearly expired, as reported by media outlets such as The Associated Press. There is no reason to waste resources when there are so many that need what we have in abundance. We have to share what we have.

Canada and Mexico are our neighbors, and you must do what is reasonable in your power to help your neighbor. If anyone wanted any additional reasons why these particular countries should get more vaccines, it’s worth noting that both countries are helping America in significant ways, from work to trade. And if anyone felt there should be more focus on donating in other places, that’s okay too. The United States has already donated large amounts of the vaccine to other countries, and it should continue to do so until the pandemic is effectively controlled. The cost of such a campaign is well worth it, however it is analyzed.

Providing immunization support to Mexico and Canada should be an important mission of the United States of America. I am grateful that this country has the scientific capacity as well as the potential to help people all over the world.



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