The Simpsons’ Kind of Predicted Dating Apps


Donald Trump at the White House, Super Bowls… and dating apps? The simpsons is again.

Throughout his journey, Matt Groening and the creative team behind The simpsons have in a way predicted many major global events and innovations. For example, in season six, Lisa’s boyfriend used a smartwatch in the future, a new concept at the time.

Another clip has emerged from his previous episodes that seems to be a harbinger of the dating app revolution of the 2010s.

Professor John IQ Nerdelbaum Frink Jr. can be seen talking about his supercomputer. “I predict that in 100 years, computers will be twice as powerful, 10,000 times bigger and so expensive that only the five richest kings in Europe will own them,” he says.

Apu then asks, “Could this be used for dating? Frink replies: ‘Well, theoretically, yes … but, the computer matches would be so perfect that they would eliminate the thrill of romantic conquests.’

Anyone who has used dating apps for a while can probably attest that there isn’t much fun in using them; just brief bursts of interest and despair.

The Simpsons predicted smartwatches.  (20th Television)20th Television

The clip was shared on Twitter by a The Simpsons fan account, where it has been viewed thousands of times. “Well, if that doesn’t prove romance is dead, I don’t know what to do,” responded one user. “I’ll take ‘so perfect to take away the thrill of romantic conquest.’ Better than what I have now (which is matched and unmatched at record rates), ”wrote a second.

While the likes of Star Trek and other science fiction shows have apparently predicted “futuristic” technology, The simpsons also seemed to signal the advent of video chats, autocorrect, and more.

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