Tweets of the week: Elinor Barker, Mark Cavendish, the love life of Marc Hirschi and more


The cycling season is drawing to a close, but tweets keep coming.

Good news for us cycling fans because we are always entitled to the fun and games behind the life of a professional cyclist, thanks to their social media posts.

In this week’s Tweets this week, we have viewer Mark Cavendish, Elinor Barker’s Olympic Secret and someone who really wants a date with Marc Hirschi.

Here are our favorite tweets from the cycling world this week:

1. It’s a British Cycling niche benchmark, but it holds true (Google the movie ‘The Room’ if you’re not sure)

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2. When this competitive advantage takes over during a family outing

3. Now that could be a great story someday

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4. Facebook collapsed this week and cycling on Twitter has risen to the forefront

5. All pro riders have their motivation, it’s Kate Courtney’s

6. Roubaix looked nice this year …

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7. Isn’t anyone else a fan of the way some teams use social media?

8. When you run but there is a bigger run at the same time

9. Not many people can win an Olympic medal, but how many can do it during their pregnancy?

10. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of Ben Swift

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We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets this week.

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